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Shortbread cookies
*Shortbread Cookies are crunchy, buttery masterpieces to impress everyone. Come with various flavors from the most classic one to some special taste you cannot try elsewhere.
Double chocolate chips -
       Extra rich in chocolate flavor with a well balance of sweetness
Dried cranberries -
       A classic flavor that is simply irresistable
Coconut -
       Just as good as it gets
Black Sesame -
       Black Sesame Shortbread are buttery, nutty, crisp and so addicting. With a unique combination of sweet and savory flavors. It’s so delightful for any occasions.
Earl grey -
       English black tea 
Honey lavender -
       Lavender Shortbread are buttery and lightly sweet, with a floral flavor and aroma from dried lavender. Delicious little cookies that add a wonderful atmosphere to any afternoon tea
Many more flavors to chose from.......................
Buttery cookies
*All of our signature buttery cookies are made of high quality butter, cake flour and sugar. This little guy will give you a rich buttery taste with a sense of friable, brittle and crumbly texture.
                   Comes with Orginal, Chocolate, Matcha, Coffee & Ube flavors
CRinkle cookies
*Made with the most beloved Nutella hazelnut spread
NOUgat candy
*A prefect combination of chewiness and crunchiness
                   Comes with orginal, chocolate, matcha & coffee flavors
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